Offset Wood  



planting trees to offset guest travel carbon footprints 24th February 2009 saw the planting of the Second section of our Carbon Offset Wood.

The wood is made up of a mixture of the following indigneous trees:

  • Chataignier - Sweet Chestnut
  • Erable de Montpelier - Montpelier Maple
  • Frene commun - Common Ash
  • Hetre commun - Common Beech
  • Osier - Willow
  • Chene - Oak
  • Cormier - True Service Tree
  • Charme - Hornbeam
  • Chene Vert - Holly Oak
  • Erable Champetre - Field Maple
  • Noyer - Walnut
  • Noisetier - Hazel
  • Poirier - Wild Pear
  • Chene Pubescent - Downy Oak

    The wood is designed to help offset the travel Carbon Footprint of guests staying at Les Cygnes. In the coming years we will continue to plant more trees to help protect the environment.

trees planted at Les Cynges to offset travel carbon footprintThe wood will serve many purposes:

  • To offset travel Carbon Footprints.
  • To provide a natural habitat for local flora and fauna.
  • Help preserve endangered species of trees, especially true of the Cormier which is an endangered species of local tree.
  • Reclaim argicultural land and turn it back into the woodland it once was.
  • Certain types of the trees planted will be eventually harvested to provide wood for our environmental heating systems. Many species can be logged and regrow up to 5 or 6 times.