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The region boasts some exquisite gastronomic delights such as goat's cheese, seafood (fresh oystersand mussels in particular), foie gras, farmhouse butter, chocolate and of course wine. The region is also famous for its cognac and for Pineau des Charentes, a fortified wine. Visit AngloInfo's site for links to all things gastronomic in the area

Goat's cheese-lovers can follow the 'Route du Chabichou' (signposted throughout the region) to visit the goat breeders and cheese producers and discover the cheese specialities of the regions. For more information visit their website, www.chabichou.tm.fr.

Wine-lovers have a choice of vineyard sightseeing trails to follow in the Haute-Poitou and Loudunais regions in the Vienne. Here you can drive through recommended routes, visit the wineries, take guided tours and enjoy wine-tastings. Those of you wanting to venture further afield can visit the world-famous vineyards of St. Emilion and Bordeaux, which are around 2 hours' drive away.

In Cognac, you can take organised tours of some of the World's most renowned cognac producers. You can also follow Les Etapes du Cognac, a number of sign-posted trails covering over 100 approved halts to guide you through the vineyards of the Charente region. For more information, visit their website, www.CognacEtapes.com.

In late November nearby Angouleme has it's own 3 day food and drink extravaganza Gastronomades

Our gites are well-equipped for those of you who enjoy honing your culinary skills using fresh, local produce from the markets and farms (look out for the 'Vente Directe' signs along roadsides). For details on market days in the area, check out the Shopping page in this section.

However, if you prefer to try some of the local restaurants or takeaways, we would be happy to provide you with details.




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